So it’s that time of year again…

So it’s that time of year again…

So it’s that time of year again… The summer has almost reached its end, the school runs are about to start over for another year and the premature adverts to Christmas are probably only about a month away. Great.

Being lucky enough to have most of my family based by the sea, this summer, we spent a LOT of time on the beach. I love to do some of the same activities with my kids as I used to do with my own parents. We went to the zoo, went to the farm, went swimming, went to a carnival, went to fairs and LOTS more. I felt like a kid again. Luckily, work had allowed me time off at an almost perfect time and we all definitely made the most of it. I put the work stress to the back of my head and just had LOADS of fun!

There was one memorable childhood activity in particular that I wanted to recreate with my own girls this summer, and that was face painting. When I was younger, my auntie and uncle lived away and would always be down visiting family during the summer. Almost every year, my aunt would bring her face paints down and paint the faces of my brothers and I. We would sit there for ages arguing over who would get to be Spiderman and who would be Batman.

1small  2small have a fantastic range of face painting products, and it would seem that the methods of applying face paints have evolved from the awkwardly small paint brushes that I had previously been familiar with. My auntie’s face painting skills used to be pretty impressive, and it would be extremely difficult for me to match her talent. However, BigJigs’ Playcolor makeup pocket pens made the job of painting my fidgety toddlers face one hundred times easier. There was no risk of paint spillage and the ink seemed to dry almost instantly.

The pack carried six basic colours that allowed me to work my artsy magic!

After messing around with the pens and drawing our museum worthy face art (see images – as modelled by the toddler), the pens were easily packed away and stored in the drawer. No annoying brush cleaning or sink wiping required. Perfect!

3small 4small

Usually, I’m quick to welcome September. By now, the kids would have normally destroyed the house, deafened our ears and raised the stress levels of both my partner and I to a point of which we truly consider emigrating to Australia. Normally, we cannot wait for the kids to go back to school. But not this year. This year had actually gifted us with an AMAZING summer holiday.


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