Dear Twins…

You may not have my surname,
Or my blood run through your veins,
You may not have my signature,
For In the ink it still remains,
When you cried hello I never heard,
For then I never knew you,
Your existence still unknown to me,
As we’d not been introduced to.

As you started growing older,
With your mother by your side,
Your life was separate from mine,
Timelines yet to collide.
But then destiny came swooping in,
And made sure it had its say,
It asked me to protect you,
And help guide you on your way.
I can’t pretend I wasn’t scared,
Or even know if I was able,
To take on responsibility,
And act out my new found label.

Your mum and I, now an alliance,
Are giving our best shot,
We kind of know what we are doing,
But for the best part we do not,
We’re trying to provide a future,
And sometimes will do things wrong,
Our intentions are all good ones,
And our mistakes will make us strong.

You’ve helped me as a person,
To become the best I can,
You’ve provided me a special chance,
To prove I am a man.
You’ve given me a purpose,
Which is to care now and thereafter,
And have gifted me the special chance,
To be your proud stepfather.


Written by Nick L @thedadofdesign



7 thoughts on “Dear Twins…

  1. bringinguptheberneys

    Oh I LOVE this! So beautiful and from the heart. Being a step-parent is a wonderful thing isn’t it? You might as well remove the “step” for we treat the children as our own. Blood doesn’t define family, love does. Brilliant post! – becky x

  2. 2nerdsandababyblog

    Love this, step parents are so important, you write beautifully!

  3. Blueberry Cove

    Lovely poem, beautifully written from the heart.

  4. Mama Robbins

    I agree with other comments. Remove the “step”, as you are now their dad 🙂

    1. The Dad of Design
      The Dad of Design says:

      You’re so nice! Thankyou!

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